Friday, August 09, 2013


Glad to find that Patrick Jemmer compared my thoughts on ‘other theory’ with Simone De Beauvoir’s in Page 22 of ‘Engage Newcastle Journal Volume 1’, published by Newcastle Philosophy Society, UK.

Glad to see that my profile has been included among 50 Philosophers of 21st Century, prepared by Italian philosopher Alexandros G. Sfakianakis.

Sfakianakis (pen name: Germs.Sporoi) has tried to find 50 successors of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), the German Philosopher and author of FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE METAPHYSIC OF MORALS, in 21st Century.

Besides me, Vandana Shiva is only Indian in that list.

The names which are included in Germs.Sporoi's list are: Mark Sacks,Sarojini Sahoo,Mark Sainsbury (philosopher),Nathan Salmon,Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez,Michael Sandel,David H. Sanford,Fernando Savater,Geoffrey Sayre-McCord,Thomas Michael ("Tim") Scanlon,Richard Schacht,Jonathan Schaffer,Theodore Schick,Tad M. Schmaltz ,David Schmidtz,Michael Scholar,Egbert Schuurman,Roger Scruton,Neven Sesardić,T. K. Seung,Michael J. Shapiro,Jeremy J. Shapiro,Stewart Shapiro,Gila Sher,Vandana Shiva,Thomas Lloyd Short,Theodore Sider,Peter Simons,Irving Singer,Peter Albert David Singer,Lawrence Sklar,John Skorupski,Brian Skyrms,Peter Sloterdijk,John Jamieson Carswell "Jack" SmartBarry Smith (ontologist),Michael Andrew Smith,Tara A. Smith,Joseph D. Sneed,Philippe Sollers,Timothy Sprigge,Kyle Stanford,Jason Stanley,Bonnie Steinbock,Hillel Steiner,Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer,Bernard Stiegler,Harry Stopes-Roe,Mauricio Suarez,Richard Swinburne,Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas