Friday, May 29, 2009

Caminho das Índias ( Way to India)

Caminho das Índias (English translation: Way to India) is a Brazilian popular TV soap opera, with highest rating among Brazilian TV audience. Produced by Rede Globo , its core director is Marcos Schechtman and serial directors are Fred Mayrink, Leonardo Nogueira, Luciano and Roberto Sabino Carminatti. The story is written by Glória Perez, and its first broadcast started on the network on January 19, 2009. it is a love story of a bania (tradersman caste) girl and a dalit (un touchable) boy of Rajasthan,india.

Juliana Paes, Márcio Garcia, Rodrigo Lombardi, Christiane Torloni, Débora Bloch, Alexandre Borges, Humberto Martins, Humberto Martins, Antônio Calloni, Eliane Giardini, Eliane Giardini, Nívea Maria, Bruno Gagliasso, Paula Pereira and Carolina Oliveira are some of artists who played well in the serial. It is also an astonishing factor that the directors do not beg any help from Bollywood for their venture. The story author Glória Perez, is also a popular Brazilian TV episode writer. Her daughter, actress Daniela Perez, was murdered by a co-star on December 28th 1992 in Rio de Janeiro .

You can see some of the video clippings from the links below:

An emotional scene from Caminho das Índias

A famous Bollywood film songs used in Caminho das Índias

A love scene from Caminho das Índias