Sunday, February 08, 2009

How I would celebrate Valentine Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming. Every year on Valentine's Day, the fundamentalists raise their voice against this day, saying this celebration would spoil Indian Culture. The Muslim fundamentalists are always against this tradition and Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have banned it. Last year Al Qaeda issued a warning to singer Asalah Nasri of Egypt not to sing on account of Valentine day's celebration. Now the Hindu fundamentalists are also raising voice against it. For last few years, the country witnessed a large campaign by Hindu fundamentalist political parties calling the celebration of Valentine’s Day be forbidden.
The right-wing political parties like BJP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang, and Ramsena have issued Taliwani Fatwa against this day. In Bihar, though both BJP and JD (U) are enjoying power jointly, but they have a rift on this day. The JD(U) youth and students' wing supported the celebrations and criticised those opposed to it. Unlike the JD(U), the BJP youth wing and ABVP are against the celebration of Valentine's Day.
But, it is ironic that now some people from the West are also raising their voice against Valentine’s Day. I have come across a blog where blogger David Penner wrote that he hated Valentine Day because, "This is just another shining example of corporate America perverting a day dedicated to a martyr into a day dedicated to the almighty dollar.” He again wrote, "It's your family for Pete's sake, you don't have a choice to love them or not. It's programmed in your genetic makeup. You have to love them.” And he further writes, “My next reason is that it reminds people who are single that they don't have anyone. Way to go Hallmark! Sometimes I wonder just how many suicides you and every other card company are responsible for on one day of the year."

Another blogger from New York, a married lady, having the screen name ‘aquamarine’ wrote in her blog that "We already know that Susan, JLB, and sometimes Belle, don't like Valentine's Day. I will say that I have nothing against the holiday, but don't feel that a lot of time, effort, and money need to go into ‘celebrating’ Valentine's Day."
Whatever their ideas are, they are. But I think this day should be celebrated as "Free Hugs Day" in India to show our love for the common man; for the common cause; and for the solidarity in the war against terrorism as the day is not meant for only couples or ‘lover one’ , but a day to admire and approve our love for mankind .