Friday, October 02, 2009

Are We In Danger?

I haven’t seen Bollywood movie “Wake Up Sid”. I haven’t read it’s review. I was not aware about it’s info till today. It came to my knowledge that Film-maker Karan Johar on Friday apologised to MNS supremo Raj Thakre for using the word 'Bombay' instead of 'Mumbai' in his new film 'Wake Up Sid'. It is reported that Raj has warned the film maker to prepare for the consequences , as they have hurt Marathi Manas by using the word Bombay in place of Mumbai.
I can’t understand, how the spelling or pronunciation of wrong words hurt the sentiments of a particular mass. Odisha, my own state has been spelt as Orissa, Udissa or Urissa, by non Oriya speakers and I don’t think, by spelling such they have any intention to dishonour my state or its people. It is just a question of ignorance, habit and tradition. Germany is spelt as Deutschland by Germans. In German, France is still called Frankreich, which literally means "Realm of the Franks". In Spain, they pronounce their country as Espana and their language as Espanol. In German Spain is known as Spanien. In Spanish they call France as Francia.In Danish it is spelt as Frankrig.
There are a lot of examples that show the name of one city and country has been spelt differently from language to language. When we are living in a global perspective, how can we expect that we would make every one to bind with our law. It is also very disgusting and anti democratic that Raj Thakre as an individual should issue any ‘forman’ (order) to stop the movie. It is the duty of judiciary not the MNS chief to make decision on any such matter. No one did bar Raj Thakre to ask for justice to the court of law.
This ‘news’ made me to worry. Are we going on the way to burry our democracy. Our democratic rights and are we becoming more intolerance to democratic values. Aren’t the radical elements making us fool by exploiting mass sentiments?