Monday, January 26, 2009

Now Hindu Talibanis !

In Television screen , the scenes were displayed that how the girls were chased and thrashed by activists of the Sri Ram Sena as they tried to flee from the pub on the busy Balmatta Road in the heart of Mangalore on 25 January . There were also allegations that some of the girls were molested. The girls were accused of acting against the tradition of Hindu religion and the founder of Sri Ram Sena, P Muthalik , remains unapologetic about the incident saying it is just a small thing, its not abnormal as reported by times of India in its 26 January issue .This incident was happened in the state where BLP lead government is responsible for law and order and very promptly Rajnath Singh , the BJP Supremo denied any link of BJP with Sri Ram Sena . But that Sena has a website at and readers can judge how our shrewd politicians are truthful to the people.
The first allegation from these so called tradition rescue Sena was that girls were wearing Western dresses, they were attending pubs , taking liquor . There are many men in the pub also wearing Western clothes, taking alcohol and Sena had no objection for them .Only their objection was aimed for ‘women’s such activities’ which they think is against Hindu tradition . But who authorized them to safe guard Hinduism ?From the ancient period , Sanatan Dharma is an open platform to invite all ideas , cultures and traditions .Hinduism is a symbol for accumulating any form of life , any belief and any lifestyles .It is the fundamentalists , who make the people mess for their vested ideas and for their political gain .
What these BJP supported fundamentalist wings are indulging is similar to the Talibanis once started in Afghanistan and now in FATA of Pakistan . I don’t find any difference between BJP of India and Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan and Bangladesh . They all are sponsored unit for the fundamentalists. It may prove a set back for our Nation and people .We all should stand against these anti social Talibanis .